Build &Customize a one-of-a-kind keyboard that shows off your personality.


Think outside of the box and make those creative ideas in your head come to life!

Adjustable Angle

People have their own preferences when they tilt their keyboards. That's why we made the angle of Pixel adjustable. If you want to use an angle on Pixel, just combine silicone pads with bricks to change the back edge of the keyboard.

Between the keycap and the switch, we added a brick for further customization. Besides the conventional keycaps with letters and numbers, we offer options for keycaps without letters and numbers. They can be found as add-ons.

Pixel is a hot-swappable keyboard that allows you to easily swap, upgrade, and mix switches without soldering. Not only is the look customizable, but the typing experience is as well!


We know how easy it is to lose the dongle when you are not using it. So we left a special space for it on the right side of the keyboard. And our 2.4G connection is very fast, connect to your device instantly, and has strong anti-interference ability.


Experience Mojo68's RGB backlighting customization with KBTools.With 10 different types of RGB lighting and the ability to set multiple colors and rhythms simultaneously, you can create a personalized lighting experience that matches your style and mood.

Gasket Mount

Our keyboard features a Gasket Mount design that is combined with a built-in poron foam, and silicone pad to deliver an elastic typing feel and a dampened typing sound.

Design Website

We know you will have thousands of ideas when you have a Pixel in your hands. To help spark your creativity before you build your keyboard, we created an exclusive website for design ideas and inspiration.

APP Control

With KBTools, you can fully customize your keyboard with ease, including modifying key-values, changing RGB-LED colors, setting shortcuts, checking keyboard status, upgrading firmware, changing keyboard layout, and setting MACRO functions.

Unlimited Connectivity

Pixel supports up to 8 devices. You can switch easily between your PC, tablet, cell phone, and laptop by simply pressing the FN+number keys. Pixel is compatible with Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, and Linux.

MLG Profile Keycaps &Switches

Introducing Pixel's original MLG, a profile keycap designed to compatile with bricks, and it's flat and big.
Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to the press feel and sound of their keyboards. So we offer 2 different switches including a custom Pixel Linear switch and a custom Pixel Tactile switch from Kailh.