The Ultimate Guide to Cyberpunk Themed Keyboards

The Ultimate Guide to Cyberpunk Themed Keyboards

Dive into the world of cyberpunk with our comprehensive guide on themed keyboards.

Defining Cyberpunk: A Cultural and Aesthetic Overview

For decades, audiences have been enthralled with the harsh and dystopian picture of a future greatly impacted by sophisticated technology seen in the cyberpunk genre. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that examines how technology and human experience interact, providing provocative tales about the fallout from technological mishaps. These stories, which range from sophisticated cybernetic improvements to ubiquitous monitoring systems, capture our hopes and anxieties about technological progress.

The Aesthetics of Cyberpunk Keyboards

Future design and technology are the main themes of cyberpunk interior design. Another name for it is digital realism. The following traits of cyberpunk design include:

Forms: mostly geometric shapes that are clean and simple.

Materials: Advanced technological devices and materials.

Cybernetic implants: In order to interact with technology in novel and creative ways, characters frequently sport cybernetic implants or other types of bodily modifications.

Cyberpunk accessories frequently include metal or glass components and a futuristic appearance.

The following are some things to consider while choosing a cyberpunk keyboard:

Switch type: For gaming, tactile or linear switches are useful, and cyberpunk keyboard offers superior feedback.

Actuation depth: Choose a keyboard with the right amount of actuation depth if you just want to use it for one task.

Keycaps: The material of the keycaps is an additional consideration.

Style: Some people argue that having a few key pieces of equipment is all about style.

Technical Aspects

Here are some details regarding keyboard functionality:

Keyboards that are mechanical

A mechanical key that is pushed causes an actual spring-loaded switch to click. The allure of mechanical keyboards is their distinctive architecture.

Types of switches

The following are a few varieties of keyboard switches:

Blue switches: Provide tactile feedback, an audible click sound, and medium resistance.

The quietest switches are red ones.

Brown switches: Provide resistance when fully depressed. They are in the midway of blue and red switches, not as tactile and noisy as the blue switch. Brown switches work well in office settings and for data entry workers who type for extended periods of time.

Clicky switches: These are made with a louder design and work on the same principle as tactile switches. They provide extra acoustic feedback in addition to a bump.

Cherry MX Black switches are non-tactile, or linear switches. They lack a noticeable bump or loud click that occurs when a key is depressed.

Keyboard structure and typing experience vary between membrane and cyberpunk keyboard. Whereas membrane keyboards use a rubber or silicone membrane, cyberpunk keyboard features separate switches for every key. Membrane keyboards are less tactile and quieter than mechanical keyboards in terms of responsiveness.

Cyberpunk Keyboard in Gaming

Futurism and science fiction are combined to create a cyberpunk look. Numerous genres have been impacted by it, including graphic design, games, movies, anime, fashion, and literature. The idea of cyberpunk in computer games combines grim overtones of a dystopian society with future sci-fi concepts. Examining the aesthetics, storytelling, and thematic elements that characterize cyberpunk games, this article explores the genre's impact on PC gaming. It also examines how the community has shaped the genre and what type of system requirements are needed to play these kinds of games.

Science fiction readers have been enthralled with the cyberpunk subgenre for a long time due to its portrayal of cutting edge technology and unconventional ways of living. Particularly in the realm of PC gaming, cyberpunk has found a potent outlet, serving as an inspiration for games that blend cutting-edge technology with the harsh realities of a dystopian future. Here, we look at how the PC gaming community has interpreted the cyberpunk phenomenon. This meeting point of cutting-edge technology and social breakdown greatly influences the visual look of cyberpunk PC games. Typical visual features include cybernetic developments, gloomy metropolitan surroundings, and neon lighting. These games typically tackle corporate domination, artificial intelligence, hacking, and the moral ramifications of technology advancement in their narratives. To truly enjoy the graphically complex landscapes seen in cyberpunk video games, sophisticated technology is required.

You can visit there an upcoming keyboard called

Cyber 01, draws inspiration from the vibrant and defiant spirit of cyberpunk society. Cyber01 epitomizes the spirit of invention and rebellion, from the neon-lit streets to the high-tech underground. Also, it has a new 83-Key Layout with increased capabilities along with an ergonomic 7.5-degree Inclination for Extended Comfort, and transparent Keycaps for Long-Lasting Style.

MelGeek Hive program is easy to use and allows you to customize settings. You can access all of its functions straight from the keyboard. Use the version designed for Gateron Magnetic switches to enhance your gaming experience. Experience improved responsiveness and stability, going beyond what is possible with a gaming keyboard.

The Cultural Impact of Cyberpunk Keyboards

The 1980s saw the emergence of the science fiction subgenre known as cyberpunk. It features cutting-edge technology, rebellious aesthetics, and dystopian societies, fusing high and low life. Cyberpunk is a translating area that blends art and protest theory with an ideology- and culture-driven movement.

The function of keyboards in cyberpunk culture is explained as follows:

In the 1995 film Hackers, computer ninjas are portrayed as young individuals with keyboards who rape victims while utilizing technical terms.

Market Analysis

As of October 2023, Cyberpunk 2077 had sold over 25 million copies. Five million copies of the game's expansion, Phantom Liberty, were sold in 2023. Trend Hunter describes the Cyberboard as a high-performance keyboard using hot-swappable sockets and a construction set on a gasket. Customizable gaming peripherals are one of the fastest-growing trends in the gaming accessory market, according to Corsair CEO Andy Paul.

The global keyboard market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.96% from 2024 to 2031, reaching $12,126.7 million, according to a 101-page analysis.

Maintenance and Care

A cyberpunk themed keyboard may be cleaned using the tips below:

Unplug the keyboard. Turn off and disconnect the keyboard before cleaning. Give yourself five seconds or more after unplugging before beginning any cleaning.

Take off the keycaps: A keycap puller tool can be used to remove the keycaps.

Compressed air should be used to blast away any loose particles. You may also use short bursts of pressured air between the keycaps.

Dust the keyboard plate: Use a broad, soft paintbrush to sweep the region between the switches to eliminate dust and filth.

To clean the keycaps, immerse them in a bowl of warm water containing dish soap or denture cleaning tablets for a minimum of five to six hours. After cleaning, give the keycaps a quick rinse. Alternatively, you might try giving each keycap an individual wash in soapy water.

Dry the keyboard: Use a fresh towel to ensure the keyboard is totally dry.

Where to Buy Cyberpunk Keyboards

The following physical and internet businesses may stock cyberpunk themed keyboard:

The i-rocks K73M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, with 107 keys and a media control knob, is available on Amazon. Hyekit PBT keycaps with a cyberpunk keycap cherry profile are also available on Amazon.

The HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard, which has 109 keys total—12 functional keys and 3 hot keys—is available at Hungamastart.

The Dustsilver K84 Cyberpunk Pro TKL mechanical keyboard comes with a one-year guarantee. It works with both PCs and Macs and has RGB lighted PBT keycaps.

The Ethical and Environmental Considerations

The following factors should be taken into account while creating a sustainable keyboard:


Select materials that are recyclable and long-lasting. Look for indicators that indicate that the items are recyclable or reusable on the package.

Energy usage

Reduce the amount of energy that the keyboard uses.

Environmental effects

Take into account effects on the environment that go beyond sourcing and manufacturing.

Product life cycle

Examine material requirements, conduct product and component testing, and pinpoint any hazards to the environment or public health.


A type of science fiction called cyberpunk first appeared in the early 1980s. It is distinguished by its emphasis on a future with swift scientific and technical breakthroughs, frequently contrasted with societal deterioration and a dismal environment. The phrase itself combines the terms "punk," which denotes anti-establishment and rebellious elements, with "cybernetics," which refers to the integration of humans with technology.


What makes a keyboard "cyberpunk" in design?

In 2023, the interior design trend known as cyberpunk is becoming more and more fashionable. Its futuristic, technologically-driven look is typified by:

Sleek, geometric shapes

Vibrant colour schemes

Advanced technologies and materials

Can cyberpunk keyboards be used for professional work?

It's possible to utilize a gaming keyboard for work-related tasks. Gaming keyboards provide macro keys, quicker reaction times, and a mechanical edge. Software can also be used to alter them.

How do I maintain the longevity of a cyberpunk-themed keyboard?

The following advice can help you maintain a mechanical keyboard:

Clean often

Clean your keyboard once a week or whenever it starts to become dirty. Use isopropyl alcohol, microfiber cloths, disinfectant wipes, and soft bristle brushes to remove dirt and debris. To get rid of any last bits of debris, you may also use compressed air after soaking the keycaps in warm water with soap.

Are there affordable options for those interested in cyberpunk keyboards?

These are a few reasonably priced choices for cyberpunk keyboard:

For gamers on a small budget, the Cyber01 keyboard is a wonderful option. It has a full-size layout, rubber dome keys, and macro keys. It also has a decent polling rate, magnetic switches, lighting belt, and an 83-key layout.

How do cyberpunk keyboards influence the overall gaming experience?

Cyberpunk keyboards are often blue or purple in color and have unique designs. They may have a technical sensitivity and are beneficial for e-sports athletes. Some people think it's incredible to use a cyberpunk keyboard.

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