Steps by Steps for Mojo68 /Mojo84/MojoPad 2.4G Pairing

Steps by Steps for Mojo68 /Mojo84/MojoPad 2.4G Pairing

Suggestion: please update Mojo68/Mojo84 firmware to the latest version.

Steps for Mojo68 /Mojo84 2.4G pairing

  1. Connect the 2.4G dongle (2.4G receiver) to your computer (better the host USB)

  1. Switch to 2.4G mode

  1. The keyboard will start auto-pairing, and the indicator keeps green when it is connected.

2.4g pairing

If the indicator light keeps flashing green, please reset the 2.4G mode and do the pairing again.

Mojo68/Mojo84 2.4G mode Reset and pairing

  1. Open KBTools with the 2.4G dongle (2.4G receiver)connected to your computer

  1. Change the USB device to MG-Dongle on the right top of KBtools

  1. Keep the keyboard in 2.4G mode

  1. Reset the 2.4G mode by long pressing BT+0 for about 3-5 secs, until the 2.4G indicator light turns red.

  1. If the connected State is still "disconnected", please click “enable pairing” on the setting page of KBTools

  1. The 2.4 indicator light will keep green when it's connected successfully.