Different Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches | Explore Varieties of Mechanical Switches

Different Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches | Explore Varieties of Mechanical Switches

Dive into the world of mechanical keyboards and discover how different switches affect your typing.

As a typist or a core gamer, you must be using a mechanical axis keyboard as its switches allow faster and more precise typing. In today's technology world, where comfort is a priority, the importance of Mechanical Keyboard Switches in modern computing is increasing because of their durability, efficiency, and superior performance.

The demand for these keyboards is increasing daily in gaming, sports, and other professions as it offers a delightful experience. Below, we are rounding up a detailed guide on the importance of mechanical axis keyboard switches, their types, key features, and a complete guide. So, don't forget to read this guide thoroughly.

Different Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Your typing experience can vary depending on the type of mechanical switches you are using. Mechanical Switches are mainly available in three varieties, offering different benefits and typing experiences. Here's a list of switches and their key factors.

Linear Switches: Characteristics and Popular Models

The Linear switches have a simple construction and operate by moving straight up and down without any tactile feedback or clicking noise.
Its characteristics:

  • Smooth and bumper actuation.
  • Quiet and consistent throughout the entire environment.
  • Simplest operation.
  • Smooth keystrokes allow for more rapid actuation.

Consider these models when buying Linear keyboard switches:

  • Gateron Ink Black V2
  • NovelKeys x Kailh Cream
  • Gateron G Pro Yellow
  • Cherry MX Black

Tactile Switches: Features and Top Choices

Tactile Switches are the most commonly used keyboard switches and are also considered the best for typing due to their tactile feedback. When you press a keystroke, it produces a tactile bump with a quiet click.

  • The bump at the top of the keypress provides feedback at the halfway mark.
  • It also provides a little noisy operation
  • Generally designed for low current or low voltage applications.

Here are some of the popular models of tactile switches:  

  • Gazzew Boba U4T
  • Gateron Zealio V2
  • Durock Sunflower/POM T1
  • Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro

Clicky Switches: What Makes Them Unique and Preferred Variants

Clicky mechanical keyboard switches have a tactile bump and a light clicking noise when the key is pressed. They are often considered the best for typing because of the increased feedback.

Top variants of Clicky switches:

  • Kailh Box Pink
  • Kailh Box Jade
  • Cherry MX Blue

Key Brands and Manufacturers

Here are some of the best mechanical switches and keyboard brands you should consider when buying.

Cherry MX: The Industry Standard

Cherry MX is a German brand offering high-quality, long-lasting, incredibly durable mechanical switches. But these switches are a little higher in price. Cherry MX may not be your choice if you want a critical switch under a budget.

Gateron: The Rising Competitor

Gateron is more popular for its smoothest keyboard switches than other brands. Its switches are well suited for typing as well as for gaming. Also, these switches come in an affordable range and fulfill all the requirements of a mechanical switch.

MelGeek: The New Trend

MelGeek keyboard switches come pre-oiled for a smoother and quieter operation. It also offers a range of mechanical switches designed for its keyboards, catering to various preferences for typing feel, sound, and actuation force.

MelGeek produces switch models like Kailh Box and others. These key switches are also considered the best to enhance your gaming experience.

Factors Influencing Switch Choice

When buying mechanical switches, consider the factors mentioned below.
Actuation Force and Distance: What They Mean and Why They Matter

Actuation Force is how much force you put to press a keystroke. Pressing a keystroke should be easy, not forceful.

Meanwhile, the actuation distance refers to the point at which a switch registers a keypress. The keypress will be smooth rather than forceful if this distance is less. So, make sure the key switch you are choosing is easy to press with minimal actuation distance.

Durability and Lifespan: Comparing Different Switches

In terms of durability, the Clicky switches are less durable than Linear and Tactile switches. Linear mechanical switches have the longest life span.

However, Cherry MX is considered one of the best, most reliable, and longest-lasting options when talking about a brand.

Sound Profile: From Silent to Loud

As discussed above, the Clicky is the loudest mechanical switch. However, the Linear switches offer the smoothest operation with a quiet noise.

Here's a list of the loudest mechanical keyboard switches:

  • Cherry MX Green
  • Kailh Box Jade
  • Chosfox x Kailh Arctic Fox

Customization and Modding

You can easily customize and modify the mechanical Keyboard switches per your preferences. Let's learn more about mechanical switch customization and modding features in detail.

Lubing Switches: Pros and Cons

If your key switch doesn't have a smoother or quieter operation, you can lube switches. It can make the switch feel smoother and smoother.

Overlubing mechanical switches can reduce their tactility and make them mushy and unresponsive.

Spring Swapping: Tailoring Actuation Force

Spring swapping involves replacing the original switch spring of your switch with the new one to cut down or tailor the actuation force. It allows us to adjust the force required to press a keystroke.

Creating Custom Switches: A Beginner's Guide

If you want a unique type of key switch and the freedom to choose the type of switch, you can customize the mechanical suit as per your need.

Specialized Uses

We all know how durable and reliable mechanical switches are and their specific characteristics. Now, let's move further and get familiar with its uses that help to enhance your overall experience.
Gaming vs. Typing: Best Switches for Each Activity

The linear mechanical keyboard switches are all you need if you are a gamer. These switches offer quick and precise actuation, ideal for high-intensity

gaming or fast-paced typing.

However, the tactile switches are preferred for typing. These mechanical switches offer great tactile feedback to your keystroke press, which enhances the overall typing experience.

Ergonomics and Comfort: Selecting Switches for Long-term Use

Choosing an ergonomic and comfortable key switch depends on your preferences. You can consider these points when selecting suitable mechanical key switches.

Choose a tactile keyboard switch only if you are comfortable with a bumpy and click sound whenever you press a keystroke, which is usually best for typing. If speed is one of your preferences, you should go with linear mechanical keyboard switches. You should use Blue or Clicky switches to get a classic clicky sound and feel.

Buying Guide

After getting familiar with the types of switches and knowing what suits you best, you must be wondering where you can buy mechanical switches and the suitable price range. Let's solve this riddle and read the pointers mentioned below.

Where to Buy Mechanical Switches

  • Online Retailers
  • Specialty Keyboard Stores
  • Manufacturer/Brand Website
  • Local Electronics Store
  • Community Marketplace

Price Range and Budgeting Tips

The price range of mechanical switches varies on the basis of their type, brand, and features they offer. Still, a decent price range for a mechanical switch lies between $0.50 to $1.00 and $ 1.50 for a very good one.

Follow these budget tips before buying mechanical switches:

  • Set a Budget
  • Consider Quantity
  • Research and Compare
  • Consider Hot-swappable key switches


In this article, we emphasize the importance of Mechanical Keyboard Switches in modern computing and how crucial mechanical keyboard switches are to improving your productivity and experience in modern computing. We also explored how these switches significantly affect typing comfort, accuracy, and speed due to their tactile feedback, unique actuation locations, and customizable features.

Manufacturers provide switches with different actuation points, tactile feedback, and durability to cater to consumer preferences. Furthermore, the advent of hot-swappable keyboards is a noteworthy achievement, allowing users to customize their typing experience easily.

The development of mechanical switches continues to be a dynamic force defining the future of keyboards, promising further breakthroughs to satisfy the varied needs of users. The persistent requests for enhanced responsiveness, decreased actuation force, and customizable settings drive these advancements.


What is the difference between linear, tactile, and clicky switches?

Smooth keystrokes without a tactile bump or auditory click are provided by linear switches, making them perfect for fast typing or gaming. With tactile switches, users receive tactile feedback when a key is pressed, improving typing accuracy without making much noise.

Conversely, clicky switches provide feedback both physically and audibly. They have a tactile bump as well as an audio click when activated.

How do I choose the best switch for my needs?

Choose the switch that best suits your typing style: clicky for both bump and sound, tactile for significant bump, or linear for smoothness. Consider noise levels: linear or tactile switches are quieter than clicky switches. It also depends on how you use the keyboard; typists may prefer tactile for feedback, while gamers may prefer linear for speedy keystrokes.

Can I replace the switches on my existing keyboard?

Depending on what keyboard you have. Hot-swappable switches enable simple replacement without soldering and are found on certain keyboards.

Are there any upcoming innovations in mechanical switches to look out for?

A few anticipated improvements in mechanical switches are contactless switches that use optical technology, switches that are more durable and have less friction, and ongoing research into new materials for switch construction that will increase tactile feel and performance.

How can I test different switches before buying a keyboard?

Before purchasing, you can test switches with switch testers, go to electronics stores to get a feel for them, read internet reviews, or ask friends who own different switches to let you sample their keyboards.

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