Bluetooth Pairing/Switching for Mojo68/Mojo84

Bluetooth Pairing/Switching for Mojo68/Mojo84

  1. Warm Tips: If you are a Windows user, please update your system to Win10 or up, as windows 7 does not support Bluetooth 5.0 and up.
  2. Suggestion: please update your firmware to the latest version.
Mojo68/Mojo84 support up to 8 devices. You can switch easily between your PC, tablet, cell phone, and laptop by simply pressing the BT+number keys.

Steps for Bluetooth Pairing /Switching

  1. Switch to Bluetooth Mode

  1. When the left bottom indicator flashes blue, it means the keyboard is in Bluetooth paring.

  1. When the left bottom indicator keeps blue light on, it means Bluetooth paired successfully.bluetooth switch

  1. Switch between Bluetooth devices by simply pressing the BT+number (1-8).


How to Delete Bluetooth Pairing Information

  1. Long press BT+number (1-8) about 3-5 secs to delete pairing information.
  2. Delete the Bluetooth device information from your device also. (like your computer/laptop/phone etc)