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Pixel Christian
Pixel Christian
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Pixel Christian

Mechanical Keyboard - LEGO Compatible
Sale price$279.00
Switches:Kailh Custom Tactile

Brick Compatiable

Fully Customizable

Gasket Mount

Bluetooth & Wired

(Excusive APP/RGB)

Connect Up to
8 Devices

With its fully customizable design, this keyboard offers a truly unique and personalized typing experience.

Pixel allows you to design and personalize every inch of the keyboard's front and back surfaces, transforming it into a reflection of your unique style and inspiration.

Press and hold the ' open ' key, drag to the left to interact with the package.

Geekmade, the online design platform dedicated to pixel keyboards, empowers you to bring your keyboard to life. Explore a rich collection of design tools, share your creations with fellow creators, and ignite your inspiration anytime, anywhere. With Geekmade, your keyboard design journey begins here.


Featuring multilayer foams and gasket mount structure, Pixel offers a soft and satisfying typing experience.

Pixel is hot-swappable, allowing you to make switch swapping and upgrading effortlessly.

Seamlessly connect to all your devices with its 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, and wired options.

Connect up to 8 devices effortlessly, ensuring you ' re always ready to tackle any task, anytime, anywhere.

Stay informed with the four front indicators that seamlessly guide you through the link mode.

Featuring three stylish light bands along the sides, choose from seven preset light effects to set the perfect mood. Unleash your creativity further by customizing the color of each bulb using MelGeek Hive.

Introducing MelGeek Hive, the ultimate productivity booster. Take full control of your keyboard with its extensive features, including modifying key-values, customizing RGB backlighting, setting shortcuts, programming powerful macro functions, and even conduct mouse tests. Experience a keyboard that adapts to your workflow and amplifies your efficiency.