Best TTC Switches: Unveiling Top Choices for Keyboard Enthusiasts

Best TTC Switches: Unveiling Top Choices for Keyboard Enthusiasts

Discover the finest TTC switches for enhanced typing experience, featuring expert reviews and user recommendations.
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TTC switches, which are made with transparent casings, have gained a lot of traction among keyboard enthusiasts. Gold contact leaves and flexible plastic stems are used in TTC switches to provide an unmatched level of smooth typing. The Silent Red offers a faster and more responsive keystroke, but the MX Brown has a deeper and more solid feel. In the end, although having somewhat differing travel distances, both switches provide a pleasant tactile sensation.

The most common kind of switch used in mechanical keyboards is the tactile switch. They are therefore suitable for typing and fast-paced gaming. Among mechanical keyboards, linear switches are the quietest. Additionally, they provide a buttery smooth linear feel that may lessen keyboard fatigue.

Now let's talk about the stems of the TTC Wild switches. These have an evident dustproof design, which is present in all but two of the TTC releases from the current age (the two exceptions being the TTC Vaticans and TTC Watermelon Milkshakes). However, it is important to note that although the dustproof ring is thick and has curved inside edges, the exteriors are "boxy" and at right angles to the design. Dustproof type switches come in a variety of designs with varying edge thicknesses and curvatures—or the absence thereof—that aren't always included in TTC switches from the past.

When examining the stems' finer characteristics, one finds that they are almost oxymoronically plain, lacking any obvious mold marks on either the front or back plate.

Basics of TTC Switches

One kind of switch that may be used for both typing and gaming is the TTC switch. They are renowned for being easy to work with, economical, and responsive. Those who want the feel of a type of machine can use this option. Similar to the TTC Red switch, the TTC Speed Silver switch is a linear switch with a substantially shorter trip/travel.

Best ttc switches for gaming

Best ttc switches for gaming have soft plastic stems, translucent casings, and gold contact leaves. Their typing experience is seamless. TTC switches have bottom-out, linear stem activation, and a compressed light spring that is plated and lubricated. Huizhou Zhengrui Electronics Co., Ltd. is a maker of switches, digital encoders, and connectors. TTC is an acronym for this company. When TTC originally arose in 1998, it was associated with Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd., which was established in the same year and could have been the source of the acronym "TTC." TTC switches are renowned for their robustness as well as unique acoustic and tactile qualities. Some claim that TTC switches have less sandiness and are smoother than Cherry MX Brown switches. Some claim that in terms of stem wobbling, TTC Wild switches outperform Cherry MX Red switches.

The Anatomy of a TTC Switch

Four basic parts are included in most switches:

Shell- When snapped shut, the outer case holding all the other parts.

Springtime- It is a charge of actuation force and switch resistance, which controls how light or heavy keystrokes feel.

Crucial stem- The movable component of the switch that establishes the switch type and has the keycap attachment point.

Leaf- The metal leaf that assesses the tactility of the switch by making contact with its legs.

Because best ttc switches are constructed similarly to Legos, you can select a different bottoming out material and container. For instance, you could design a two-part stem with a personalized logo on it and make the top housing four various colours. The four primary parts of a switch are usually its shell, a spring, a key stem, and a leaf. The exterior casing is called the shell. When snapped shut, its two-piece structure encloses all of the other parts.

Additional TTC Switch Options

A range of linear switches are available from TTC, such as Venus, Flame Red, Silent Red, Gold Red, Gold Pink, Silent Frozen (V2), and Speed Silver.

Additional TTC switch options are as follows:

Blush White: a quiet alternative advised for those who are noise-sensitive.

Gold Pink: Offers a more comfortable typing experience with a light-medium level of resistance and a muted sound profile.

TTC Hey Mechanical Keyboard Switches: Come in three variants: 30M, 60M, and 80M. Gold Pink has a thinner and sharper-sounding topping out than Wilds.

Evaluating TTC Switches

The best TTC switches for gaming are said to be useful for typing and gaming by some. Their acoustic, tactile, and durable qualities are well known. These findings are based on reviews:

TTC white flame switches: With an activation force ranging from 42 to 45g, these switches are sufficiently light for prolonged writing sessions.

TTC Wild switches are robust, balanced, and smooth light linear switches. Their lowest point is closer to 52g.

TTC Love switches: These switches have a long stem and a flat bottom, and they are made of different polymers without tolerance or squeaking.

TTC Tiger switches: These switches may feel a touch thin, but they are properly balanced at both ends. TTC Watermelon Milkshake: This switch has a somewhat heavier spring but a tactility and weight comparable to brown.

TTC Silent Red switch: This switch appears mechanical yet has a subdued sensation.

Some benefits of TTC switches are as follows:

Wild TTC switches: Their performance is smooth, balanced, and powerful. They appear balanced when topping and bottoming out, with a bottoming out that is more in line with 52g.

TTC Tiger switches: Compared to Obsidian Pro switches, these switches have far less stem shaking.

TTC Heart switches: These switches are consistently quick and have extremely minimal latency.

The following are the disadvantages of TTC switches:

- Akko x TTC Demon switches function fine, but a notable omission has led some users to believe that they are defective.

- TTC Heart switches have a somewhat high pre-travel distance.

Best ttc switches for gaming

Best ttc switches for gaming are renowned for their robustness as well as unique acoustic and tactile qualities. Some describe them as smooth, powerful, and well-balanced. Some claim they are really good when it comes to typing and gaming. TTC Silent Bluish White switches are the finest silent alternative we suggest for most people, regardless of whether you live or work near someone who is extremely sensitive to noise.

Best TTC Switches for Specific Needs

You can take into account the following while selecting the best ttc switches for gaming:

Actuation force: For gaming switches, a light actuation force is crucial.

Clicky and tactile switches: These switches respond to keystrokes by registering them with the computer.

Some best ttc switches for gaming are as follows:

TTC Pink Gold

A linear switch with fast actuation that works well for gaming.

Silver TTC Speed

55 grams of medium-light bottom-out force is found in a linear switch. It offers a light-to-medium resistance level for simple, rapid activation.

TTC Quiet Frozen

A linear switch with a cushiony feel and a smooth, steady operation, according to some.

Blue TTC Gold

A quiet clicky switch that sounds good and has a small travel distance, according to some.

The following TTC switches might be useful when typing:

Silver TTC Speed

A linear switch offering light-to-medium resistance with a bottom-out force of 55 grams.

Brown TTC Silent

A switch with a pleasant rounded tactile bump and light-to-medium resistance. TTC Wild is a smooth, powerful, and well-balanced light-linear switch. TTC Tiger is a switch that inhibits copper oxidation using its feet's cutting-edge anti-corrosion coating technology. For the majority of users, Cherry MX Speed Silver switches are the finest gaming switches. These switches are an intriguing exception, even if a large portion of the enthusiast market has moved away from some of the earlier Cherry MX variants. It all comes down to how simple they are in the end. To purchase MelGeek TTC Mechanical Switches for Keyboard, go to if you want to give your keyboard a fresh feel.

Special Considerations

Best ttc switches for gaming can be customized in the following ways:

Adjust the spring: To obtain a varied actuation force, adjust the spring.

Change the stem: Replace the stem to obtain a new tactile profile.

To accomplish a trade-off between smoothness and tactility, lubricate the switch. Volume adjustment is possible with TTC linear keyboards thanks to their straightforward design.

Here are a few TTC switch sound signatures:

Wild switch: A deep, middle-pitched sound that is produced between the bottom housings of Cherry MX Nylon and Durock/JWK Nylon.

Flame red switches: a clean, muted sound profile.

Watermelon milkshake: A light tactile switch; gold blue switches: A high-pitched clicky sound with little bottom-out sound

Taking good care of and maintaining your TTC (Tactile-Clicky) switches is the key to extending their lifespan.

Buying Guide

Mechanisms known as mechanical keyboard switches are found beneath a mechanical keyboard's keycaps. At, you may discover an unparalleled tactile experience with their high-quality mechanical keyboard switches. The best product to get is MelGeek TTC Mechanical Switches for Keyboard. Gamers frequently like linear switches because they are the fastest and smoothest.

Here are a few methods for evaluating a value proposition:

Examine the messages that the business sends to its ideal client. Employ techniques like split testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, and user testing. To learn more about the opinions and experiences of your customers, use qualitative research. A value proposition is the main argument for why a good or service is superior to those offered by rival companies. It needs to make plain the advantages that a consumer might anticipate from selecting a certain item or service.


It's crucial to take into account a number of things when selecting best ttc switches to make sure you make the best choice for your needs and tastes. Here are a few last points to think about Actuation and Tactility: Clicky, tactile, and linear tactility options are offered for TTC switches. Durability and Lifespan: TTC switches are known for their sturdiness and longevity. If you require TTC switches for a high-performance keyboard or want to use them regularly, get ones with a higher durability rating. The switch should be free of sharp edges or points that may cut someone, be composed of sturdy materials that won't break easily, and have a smooth, clean surface. Through careful consideration of these variables and extensive research, you can select TTC switches that satisfy your unique needs and improve your typing or gaming experience. Whether noise level, longevity, or personalization are your primary goals, TTC switches provide a flexible choice of solutions to fit varied budgets and tastes.


Can TTC switches be used in any mechanical keyboard?

The switches used in mechanical keyboards vary in kind. There are keyboards that let you change the included switches. For instance, the Cherry or TTC switches are interchangeable with the Logitech K845 keyboard.

How do TTC switches feel compared to Cherry MX or Gateron switches?

TTC switches, such as Gateron and Cherry MX switches, are available in clicky, tactile, and linear tactility variants. When it comes to tactility and actuation, TTC switches might feel a lot like Gateron or Cherry MX switches. Nonetheless, the tactile bump or click sound may vary slightly across various brands and models.

Are there any TTC switches designed specifically for silent operation?

TTC Ice Silent V2 switches are designed especially for silent keyboard configurations that require excellent endurance and smooth linear feedback.

How often should TTC switches be replaced or serviced?

Numerous factors, including as usage volume, upkeep, and the particular type of TTC switches, influence how often these switches should be changed or repaired. TTC switches are often renowned for their longevity and robustness; they can endure millions of keystrokes without showing appreciable wear or performance loss.

Can I mix different types of TTC switches on the same keyboard?

It is possible to combine various TTC switch types on a single keyboard. This is commonly known as "switch swapping" or "switch modding," and it lets you personalize your keyboard to fit your typing and gaming tastes.

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