Mechanical Keyboard Selection: Ultimate Guide to the Best Choice

Mechanical Keyboard Selection: Ultimate Guide to the Best Choice

Discover the essentials of picking the perfect mechanical keyboard for your needs, from switch types to key features.

How to Choose the Right Mechanical Keyboard

When several keyboard keys are pushed at once, some of them become inoperable. "Ghosted" refers to key pushes that either don't display on the computer or appear to have vanished. N-Key Rollover, or NKRO, is another name for anti-ghosting, and it's becoming a standard feature on gaming and office keyboards. This implies that you can hit as many keys at once as you'd like.

Choosing Mechanical Keyboard Switches

See how to choose mechanical keyboard switches? First, we have to know there are three primary types of switches: Clicky, Tactile, and Linear.


Quiet, steady keystrokes that are smooth and steady.


A little noise and a tiny bump with every keystroke.


A loud click sound accompanied by a little bump with each keystroke.

Customization and Personalization

There are essentially two primary material kinds available for keycaps: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). ABS is easy to inject mold, produced in large quantities, while PBT is often considered superior due to its texture, resilience, and slower deterioration.

It is noteworthy that alternative keycap styles exist, though they are quite uncommon and occasionally more costly.

Customizable Backlighting Options

RGB backlighting is one way to activate keyboard backlighting. With RGB backlighting, you may alter the lighting in your setup with over 16 million colors.

An affordable solution to give your laptop keyboard illumination is using a backlit keyboard cover. The cover features built-in LED lights and clips onto your keyboard.

With LGF, a customized rubber keyboard may have consistent lighting.

Choosing the Right Dimensions and Layout for Ergonomics

Layout in ergonomics refers to how parts are placed in a workstation or setting to optimize human comfort, productivity, and efficiency. It comprises considering visibility, accessibility, and comfort while building and arranging desks and other tools.

Select keyboards or keyboard accessories (such as a tilting keyboard tray) that allow the user to tilt the keyboard in either direction to encourage a balanced wrist posture.

Elements of Performance

Every key on a mechanical keyboard has a separate switch beneath it. This enables each key to react and feel differently when pressed. Switches have an incredibly long lifetime, with 50–100 million keystrokes before considering breaking.

The actuator distance and travel distance, which are 2 mm and 4 mm respectively, are somewhat typical and vary slightly between brands. Consider factors like touch sensitivity, sound, and key count while selecting a keyboard.

The following information relates to keyboard sound:

  • Audio profiles: Clacking and thocking are the two primary sound characteristics for mechanical keyboards.
  • Keycap overview: The keyboard's sound may be altered by the keycap height. Louder sound can be produced by keycaps with a higher profile.
  • Material for keyboard casings: Aluminum cases have the potential to make a higher-pitched sound than plastic cases.
  • Keyboard volume: When typing, mechanical keyboards may produce an average decibel (dB) level of 50 to 60. The typical dB for membrane keyboards is 40–50 dB.
  • Modify keyboard sound: You may adjust the sound or vibration of your keyboard on an Android phone or tablet.
  • Turn on or off keyboard sounds: You may enable or disable keyboard noises on an iPhone or iPad.

Advanced Features

Keyboard macros are very effective productivity tools that may be used to reduce difficult key combinations or repetitive inputs. A macro is a set of keystrokes that may be triggered by a single key press to automate repetitive tasks and save time.

In general, wired networks outperform wireless networks in terms of speed and dependability. When it comes to wireless networks, your information and bandwidth are typically more exposed than with wired networks.

Brands and Budget

The top mechanical keyboards include the Keychron Q Series, Keydous NJ80-AP, Razer BlackWidow V4, Keychron K3 Pro, Keychron C3 Pro, and Keychron Q11. Consider the warranty and customer service when buying a keyboard to ensure you'll be happy with your purchase.

Warranty Duration

  • Check the warranty's validity period. An extended warranty period often indicates the manufacturer's faith in the product's durability.
  • Certain warranties may only cover specific components for a set amount of time, so be sure to find out exactly what is covered and for how long.

Coverage Under the Warranty

  • Acknowledge the coverage that the warranty offers. While some warranties solely cover defects from the manufacturer, others may also cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage.
  • Check if the warranty covers all parts of the keyboard or only some of them.

Return Policies

  • Acknowledge not only the warranty but also the manufacturer's return policy. In the odd event that there are problems and you need to replace or return the keyboard, this is required.
  • Response time for customer service: Examine the manufacturer's past record of providing customer care. Examine user evaluations to find out how pleasant and kind the customer service agents are.
  • Talk Straight: Make sure it's easy to get in touch with the manufacturer's customer service. Certain businesses may only be open for business during specific hours, whereas others may be open 24/7.

User Rankings and Ratings

Examine the opinions of others regarding the keyboard that piques your curiosity. This might provide insight into the common issues customers encounter and the effectiveness of the company's solutions.

Online Resources and Documentation

A wealth of documents and online resources have been made accessible by the author. These might include user manuals, technical instructions, and frequently asked questions that could help you solve little issues without calling customer assistance.

Conditions of Use

The demands, writing style, and personal choices of the user may determine which keyboard is best for a certain kind of writing or programming. Cherry MX switches are instantly recognizable thanks to its color-coding system, which indicates varying amounts of tactile feedback and actuation force. Romer-G and Razer are two companies that provide substitutes.


Your mechanical keyboard may be connected in three different ways: wired, Bluetooth (wireless), and 2.4GHz (wireless with dongle).

When it comes to importance, the Bluetooth connection is typically the least recommended. Most people shouldn't use it since it causes latency when typing and playing games. The demands, writing style, and personal choices of the user may determine which keyboard is best for a certain kind of writing or programming. Tapping and holding a number causes a pop-up to appear with the letters that correspond to the held number, to facilitate use cases when employees also need to enter letters.


  • What distinguishes a standard keyboard from a mechanical keyboard?
  • Various key switches on mechanical keyboards offer varying degrees of resistance and feedback, which may enhance typing comfort. Nevertheless, ordinary keyboards' rubber domes compress when pressure is applied, which might reduce typing responsiveness.
  • Can typing speed be increased using mechanical keyboards?
  • Mechanical keyboards facilitate faster typing because they provide both aural and tactile feedback. Feedback lets you know when a keystroke is being recorded.
  • How should my mechanical keyboard be maintained?
  • Once a week, use a towel and a little cleaning solution to wipe the keyboard. Place keycaps in a bowl filled with warm water and denture tablets. Allow them to completely dry and give them a thorough cleaning before reattaching.
  • Are expensive mechanical keyboards worth it?
  • Your unique demands and tastes will ultimately determine whether or not a mechanical keyboard is worth the expense.

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