Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards for 2024

Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards for 2024

Explore our top picks for sleek, low profile mechanical keyboards, perfect for minimalist setups.

Low Profile Keyboard Mechanical


One recent development in the mechanical keyboard market is the low profile keyboard mechanical. The primary distinction, as implied by the name, is height. And low profile keyboard mechanical has lower keycaps, switches, and casing heights than standard profile keyboards. They are lighter as a result. In essence, a mechanical keyboard with smaller switches, keycaps, and case is called a low profile mechanical keyboard. Low profile mechanical keyboards, in contrast to membrane keyboards, use individual switches, and each key responds differently to physical manipulation. Because of its shallower key travel distance and lower actuation force, low-profile mechanical keyboards are often more pleasant to use for extended periods of time from an ergonomic standpoint. Compared to standard sized keyboards, low profile keyboards are slimmer and more compact in design, which might be advantageous for a few reasons: They occupy less space on a desk, which is particularly advantageous for those who would rather have more area to maneuver their mouse around or have a smaller workstation. Because you can feel the actuation point clearly with low profile mechanical switches, typing is snappier with each keystroke. According to personal tastes, you may select from a variety of variations, although membrane keyboard switches are softer and provide little to no tactile feedback.

Understanding Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

What is a Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard?

Recent advancements have led to the creation of low profile mechanical, which are lighter and shorter than conventional mechanical keyboards. With keys that are closer to the keyboard's surface, they feature a flatter, slimmer design. Typing becomes quicker and more responsive because to this design, which shortens the space between keystrokes. Compared to conventional mechanical keyboards, low-profile mechanical keyboards are flatter and thinner, with keys that are closer to the keyboard's surface. Typing is made faster and more responsive because to this design, which shortens the distance that keys must travel. Rubber dome and scissor switches are quieter options than mechanical switches, which are usually the loudest. Typing noise is also influenced by other elements, such as the sort of keyboard case you have, the size and form of the keycaps, and the amount of force you apply to your typing. Compared to regular keyboards, low profile mechanical keyboards are shorter, thinner, and have keys that are closer to the surface. One kind of low profile keyboard that uses a scissor switch similar to a butterfly is the ultra low profile mechanical keyboard. Half or two thirds of a normal keyboard's height is made up of low profile keyboards. A scissor switch similar to a butterfly is used in ultra low profile keyboards. Compared to regular keyboards, mechanical low profile keyboard includes shorter switches, keycaps, and casings. A scissor switch similar to a butterfly is used in ultra low profile keyboards. Compared to normal keyboards, mechanical low profile keyboard has a shorter key travel distance. Because typing on a low profile keyboard doesn't require raising your wrist, it is more ergonomic.


Benefits of Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

Aesthetics explores our emotional relationship to items, whereas ergonomics concentrates on physical contact. A tool's appearance and texture have the power to arouse feelings, stimulate the imagination, and even affect our will to work. While ergonomics relates to the interface's usefulness, functionality, and comfort, aesthetics refers to the interface's visual appeal, style, and branding. Although these elements are crucial for drawing in and keeping users, they may also be at odds with one another. The goal of the ergonomic design discipline is to create places and products that are safe, effective, and pleasant for people to use. This multidisciplinary discipline aims to enhance human-environment interaction by utilizing insights from engineering, psychology, and physiology. Because low-profile keyboards use membrane or scissor switches, which need less actuation force and travel distance, your fingers and wrists may not strain as much. Typing doesn't require you to elevate your wrist, which might relieve some of the strain on it. Faster typing is possible with low-profile keyboards, which can facilitate the speedy execution of complicated instructions. Slim and compact, low-profile keyboards occupy less room on a desk. For those who must carry their keyboard with them when they travel, low-profile keyboards are an excellent choice because they are often more portable. Low-profile mechanical switches improve typing speed and feedback.

Types of Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards


Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Wireless

These top 5 choices fully rule the wireless keyboard market. Their ergonomic shapes and cutting-edge technology provide the ideal balance of comfort and functionality. With its backlit keys and intelligent lighting, the Logitech MX Keys sets the standard for easy typing even in dimly lit areas. The Apple Magic Keyboard, renowned for its elegant design and flawless compatibility with Apple products, comes in close second. With its split design and cozy palm rest, the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard earns a place on this list and offers the best comfort for prolonged typing sessions. For both pros and hobbyists, the Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is a popular option. This slim keyboard provides a pleasant typing experience and a smooth workflow. It may be used day or night since the illuminated keys offer good visibility in any kind of lighting. A fashionable and ergonomic wireless keyboard, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is made exclusively for Microsoft Surface tablets. Typing is silent and pleasant because to its low-profile keys and small profile. The Apple Magic Keyboard is the preferred wireless keyboard among Apple devotees.

Budget Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

For those who seek the finest and are multitasking fanatics, Mojo84 is the ultimate keyboard upgrade. You can quickly switch between up to eight Bluetooth devices and 2.4G wireless and cable connections thanks to its triple mode connectivity. And all with a single button push. The original MDA keycap from Mojo84 has a larger keycap size and a profile to provide an ergonomic and pleasant typing experience that lessens hand and wrist strain and lets you work or play for extended periods of time without becoming tired. Use Mojo84 to type easily and concentrate on what really important. Mojo84 has an elastic typing feel and reduced typing noise thanks to its Gasket Mount design, integrated poron switch mat, poron foam, and silicone pad. This sophisticated, unique structural design minimizes noise and produces a pleasing, pleasant, and harmonious typing experience. Renowned key-switch maker Cherry offers a full-size, low-profile keyboard called the Cherry Stream. Be not misled: It does not utilize Cherry's legendary mechanical key switches at this price. It doesn't, however, compromise on quality. This keyboard has an advantage over other basic budget models since it is quiet, comfortable, and has many shortcut keys. You may view many profiles at

Low Profile Silent Mechanical Keyboard

Having a dependable low profile silent mechanical keyboard that provides a calm and immersive experience is crucial while gaming or working. Meetion, the industry leader in gaming peripherals, has just released its newest invention: a silent mechanical keyboard. This masterpiece raises the bar for typing fans with its innovative use of noise reduction technology, making typing more pleasurable and silent. Let's see how Meetion's low profile silent mechanical keyboard transforms typing while preserving the outstanding functionality for which it is known.

Redefined Capabilities:

Meetion's silent mechanical keyboard is notable for its exceptional performance in addition to its noise reduction technology. This keyboard has been painstakingly constructed from premium materials, and it provides an amazing tactile sensation along with enhanced keystroke accuracy and responsiveness. During strenuous gaming sessions or time-sensitive job activities, the key switches' quicker actuation design ensures lightning-fast reaction times. Meetion promises exceptional durability and dependable performance by employing the greatest mechanical keyboard technology, with each key able to withstand millions of keystrokes.

Technology for Reducing Noise:

Meetion's silent mechanical keyboard is really all about its cutting edge noise reduction technology. Keycaps, which are painstakingly crafted to eliminate key wobbling and minimize noise from keystrokes, allow users to type more quietly without sacrificing keystroke performance. Because this technology makes sure that keystrokes are completed discreetly, users may stay focused in noisy places like common spaces, businesses, or libraries.

Materials that absorb sound: Silicone or rubber can lessen typing noise.

Keycap design: By reducing key wobbling, the keycap design helps reduce noise.

Actuation force: Typing becomes quieter when the actuation force is reduced since you don't have to hit the keys as hard.

Key Features and Technologies


Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Scissor-switch and membrane switches, which need less actuation force and travel distance to record a keystroke, are the two most common types of switches found on low profile keyboards. Because to its design, using the keyboard for extended periods of time is more pleasant and causes less strain on the fingers and wrists. Gamers, who value quicker and more responsive typing, frequently employ low profile keyboards on desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices. Low profile switches have a comparable feel and construction to regular mechanical switches, but they are lighter and thinner. Because they are 35–40% thinner, slimmer keyboards may be designed. There are two types of low profile switches: optical and mechanical. Kailh, Gateron, and Low profile Cherry are a few companies that provide low profile switches.

By providing tactile feedback when a key is pressed, tactile switches allow users to type more accurately without producing a lot of noise. On the other hand, tactile and auditory feedback are provided via clicky switches. When engaged, they produce both an auditory click and a tactile bump.

Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard vs Normal

Compared to conventional mechanical keyboards, mechanical low profile keyboard is flatter and thinner, with keys that are closer to the keyboard's surface. Typing is made faster and more responsive because to this design, which shortens the distance that keys must travel. The spring structure and tactile, clicky sensation of a mechanical switch are retained in thinner low profile mechanical switches. However, compared to a traditional mechanical switch, the low profile switch is 35%–40% thinner. A trade-off in economics is the process of deciding between many possibilities when resources are few. Resources, money, or time may all be traded off. Spending money on a vacation, for instance, prevents you from putting it aside for a future purchase. When it comes to allocating their resources, governments, corporations, and people may all benefit from knowing about trade-offs. Making intelligent use of resources may be ensured by being aware of the trade-offs associated with each decision.

Choosing Your Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Best Budget Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552 KUMARA: The Small-Sized Superpower gamers and typists alike love the Redragon K552 KUMARA because of its unique compact shape and tenkeyless configuration. Its appealing features, such as its adjustable illumination and sturdy build, make it an affordable mechanical keyboard without sacrificing performance.


TVS Gold Bharat: A Reimagined Classic

The TVS Gold Bharat incorporates contemporary mechanical switches with a nod to the vintage TVS Gold keyboard. It has excellent Cherry MX Blue switches that have loud clicks and a pleasing tactile feel. The keyboard is a great option for anyone looking to combine history and innovation without going over budget because of its gorgeous appearance and robust construction.

Ant Esports MK3000: Reasonably Priced Flexibility

The Ant Esports MK3000 is renowned for its adaptability, meeting the demands of professional and gaming keyboard users alike. It has tactile feedback from Outemu Blue switches, and an elegant touch is added by the RGB lights. Because of its affordable pricing and sturdy construction, it is a great option for customers on a tight budget.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02: Affordable RGB Joy

The Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 blends vivid RGB illumination with economy. It provides a pleasurable typing experience with Outemu Blue switches, and the splash-resistant construction increases longevity. This inexpensive mechanical keyboard demonstrates that style doesn't have to be sacrificed in order to keep costs down.

Different types of switches, such scissor or mechanical switches, can be used with low-profile keyboards. While tactile switches give you a physical bump and clicky switches produce an auditory click, linear switches are often quick and silent. Think about the keyboard's design, dimensions, and configuration. Because low-profile keyboards are small and thin, typing may be more pleasant and portable with them.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

It should be effortless to push down on keycaps, causing no finger strain. The lesson is that a pleasant and easy-to-use keyboard may ease discomfort and promote physical relaxation. Select a keyboard width that is comfortable for your hands and keys that you can easily push. When purchasing a mechanical keyboard, keep the following additional factors in mind:

Arrangement: There are several layout options.

Material for keycaps: ABS plastic keycaps are inferior than PBT keycaps.

Linear switches: These quiet, smooth switches work well for gaming.

Tactile switches: These are useful for typing and gaming since they physically vibrate when you press down on them.
Clicky switches: These are better for typing than gaming since they provide an audible click that you can feel with your finger.

Where to Buy is the place to get MelGeek Mojo68 and Mojo84.We are aware Because they are lighter and less bulky, low profile mechanical keyboards may be more portable and small. These are a few mechanical keyboards with a low profile:

The Cooler Master SK650

This keyboard features adjustable RGB illumination, brown switches, and a thin metal frame.
Keychron K1

This wireless keyboard features a full-size layout and a low profile design.

BladeMaster Pro Drevo

Brown switches, low-profile keys, and a full-size layout characterize this wireless keyboard.
Fnatic Streak65 Record

This keyboard's airy design makes it perfect for compact places, and its narrow keys make using it light and speedy.


- What are the advantages of a low profile mechanical keyboard?

Compared to regular keyboards, mechanical low profile keyboard is flatter and thinner, taking up less room on your desk. A low profile keyboard minimizes the distance your fingers must travel to push the keys since it sits closer to the surface. Typing becomes quicker and more responsive as a consequence.

- Can I find a low profile mechanical keyboard that's also wireless?

Among them is the Redragon K618 Horus Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard.

- What makes a mechanical keyboard "low profile"?

Compared to regular keyboards, low-profile mechanical keyboards are flatter and thinner, with keys that are closer to the surface.

- Are there low profile mechanical keyboards suitable for gaming?

A low-profile keyboard may be appropriate for typing as well as gaming, based on the needs and preferences of the user.

- How do low profile switches differ from standard mechanical switches?

Mechanical keyboard switches that are smaller and lighter than regular mechanical switches are known as low profile switches. Though they are 35%–40% thinner than conventional mechanical switches, they feel and have a comparable structure.


Although low-profile keyboards can make typing more ergonomic and pleasant, they may also have certain disadvantages, such as less tactile feedback and less customization choices. Before making a purchase, it's advised to test out various keyboard models to see which one suits you the best. ergonomics. Because of its shallower key travel distance and lower actuation force, low-profile mechanical keyboards are often more pleasant to use for extended periods of time from an ergonomic standpoint.



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