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MelGeek Mojo60 Ember Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Live on MelGeek Now /120USD for all Set

Made by MelGeek and designed by Muni, an avid Drop user and rising keyboard designer, the Mojo60 Ember brings the best in modern engineering and retro styling.

With 61 keys in a standard ANSI layout, this board thrives in tight spaces.

Its double-shot MG-profiled ABS keycaps are both ergonomic and durable, keeping your hands comfortable while ensuring that the vintage-colored keys won’t fade—even with intensive use.

A sturdy steel plate gives the Mojo60 stability, while an electroplated polycarbonate case faithfully recreates the look of polished metal without the unnecessary weight.

Choose from two styles  to suit your preferences, and connect this versatile, QMK-programmable keyboard with USB-C or Bluetooth.


  • Designed by Muni

  • Produced by MelGeek

  • Layout: 61 keys (standard ANSI)

  • Case material: Electroplated polycarbonate (Dawn) or smokey clear polycarbonate (Dusk)

  • Keycap material: Double-shot ABS keycaps

  • Keycap profile: MG

  • Tray mount: GH60 / DZ60 / OK60 / Universal, 60% PCB support)

  • Plate material: Steel

  • Battery: 2600 Mah Lithium battery

  • Connection (wireless): Bluetooth

  • Connection (wired): USB Type-C connection

  • QMK programmable

  • Hot-swap RGB PCB

  • Case dimensions: 12 x 4.7 x 1.2 in (30.5 x 12 x 3 cm)

  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

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